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What is 775mv?

775 mVRMS designates the signal level that equals to 0 dBu. 🙂

The decibel unloaded reference voltage, 0 dBu, is the AC voltage required to produce 1 mW of power across a 600 Ω impedance. The origin of this odd value comes from the old analog telephony era, where 600 Ohm impedance was standard.

Simply said: 775 mVRMS gives a power of 1 mW on 600 Ohm load.

The most common nominal level for professional audio equipment is +4 dBu (by convention, decibel values are written with an explicit sign symbol). For consumer equipment it is −10 dBV (1 VRMS = 0 dBV). Majority of “HiFi” and “High-End” audio devices, such as Digital to Analog Converters, Preamplifiers, and Amplifiers use professional signal levels for their analog interfaces.

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